Price Cao leverages a team of experienced accountants with a range of international and domestic accounting expertise. Investor confidence and efficient value added services are our core accounting principles.


Accounting Advisory

Price Cao is a boutique firm, which means you will be working with a small and consistent team of accountants who will take the time to really get to know your business. Understanding your company’s financials and operations is a critical primary step to our accounting advisory services. Consequently, our solutions are always customized to each individual case.

Whether your accounting issues are domestic or international, Price Cao’s extensive network of qualified experienced accountants will meet the accounting challenges of numerous industries and sectors. In addition, our experts will work closely with you to implement long-lasting practices, such as standardizing your reporting methodology, updating your accounting tools, and ensuring your recurring accounting compliance.


Bookkeeping Services

Price Cao offers in depth accounting services to companies who assistance with their accounting function. As part of our bookkeeping function, we implement efficient bookkeeping procedures, document organization and management systems, and legal risk assessments. As an outsourced accounting department, Price Cao will act as the equivalent of your accounting department. Our knowledge of China and Hong Kong’s accounting standards will ensure all your books are kept update to date and in line with the relevant laws and regulations.

We specialize in providing bookkeeping services to:

– Small to medium sized companies that wish to outsource any or all of their accounting department;

– Startup companies that need full service accounting functions while the company gets off the ground; and

– Clients who needs ad hoc accounting services.


Financial Statement Audit

Price Cao understands the importance of accurate financial statements, both for regulatory purposes and for instilling investor confidence. For companies that are required to report periodic financial statements, Price Cao can offer quality audit services by experts who take the time to understand the inner workings of your company. No matter if your company is a multinational or a local small business, Price Cao will assist you with ensuring your company’s compliance with all the relevant regulations from the applicable jurisdictions.

We will monitor regulatory changes to make sure your financial statements are always abreast with the latest requirements. Price Cao also offers independent review of any externally reported information, complex transaction review, and accountants’ reports.