Customized accounting solutions

Price Cao will assist your company with navigating the ever evolving accounting standards in China. As China’s accounting principles develop and become both stricter and more transparent, Price Cao will ensure your company is compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. Our team’s mix of local and international accounting experts are equipped to meet the challenges of reconciling international and domestic accounting principles and business practices.

We will work directly with your company’s team to provide accurate and dependable accounting advise and practices for your growing business.

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A strategic plan to grow your business

Price Cao is will help your company grow at all stages of maturity. From setting up a startup and creating a holding company structure, to off-shore restructuring and mergers, we have the combination of technical acumen and China experience to offer your company the best solutions to the challenges of running a business in Asia.

Our team of accountants, tax specialists, and lawyers provide a unique combination of insights to help you make informed business decisions.

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Dependable tax advice from industry experts

Price Cao’s tax services will be tailored to your company’s needs with the aim to both reduce the administrative burden of filing tax declarations and optimize your company’s structure and operations to reduce tax related risks. Our China tax experts will ensure that from human resources, to payroll, to corporate taxes, your company will be in compliance with all of China’s tax laws and regulations.

Our tax services philosophy is minimize exposure ahead of time, so that the tax implications of all business decisions are clear.

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